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October 5th, 2011, 05:29 PM
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So somehow the email from my school didn't make it to who oversees student teaching placements... so Ive been waiting for nothing. But alas, I talked to someone today and they actually do need a secondary education student teacher, and she seemed VERY optimistic. I am very, VERY optimistic. She basically said "I have a staff meeting with the teachers today, Ill call you either today or tomorrow with a placement." So, if everything goes well, I am pretty much assuming this school is 100% a go. This was my first choice school, and my college said most students do not get their first choice school. So... finally a stroke of luck? lol!

This school has me in all smiles, I REALLY, REALLY want to work at this school, so please, cross fingers, toes, hair, arms, legs, diaper pins, whatever you have that you can cross... I NEED IT CROSSED! lol

Im really stoked!
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