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October 7th, 2011, 01:06 PM
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I am a med student starting in August 2012 who was promiscuous with very low self-esteem. I became sexually aggressive over the summer and It was a different lifestyle for me after years of being repressed and cooped up until things got real and I found out recently that I am pregnant and due in June 2012.

In my heart I feel as though I would be doing this child a disservice because I barely knew the guy that I slept with but I know that he does not have STDs because I was tested twice since our encounter. I was on birth control for a month but I am not sure what went wrong. I am afraid to tell him because I know that he is very in love with his ex-girlfriend and I do not want to stop him from trying to get her back. I am also worried because he has extreme emotional issues and I do not want to tell him anything that might make him suicidal. I really do not want to involve him and I never want to request any support of any kind from him. I just feel like it is unjust to keep him in the dark.

I also come from a very strict household and I know that my father would disown me. I would shame my entire family and I would be left without anyone or anything. What also ruins things is I am small in stature and it will be OBVIOUS when I have a huge protruding belly especially in the summer. I have been working out excessively to relieve stress and to try and hide any signs. I am not showing but in my head I am thinking everyone can see.

Apart of me thinks that I should keep the child but medical school is intense and emotionally/physically draining. I rarely have time for myself now when/how could I be a mother especially alone? Do you think I should tell the guy? Do you think I should tell my father? Please be brutally honest I think after all of this, I can take it.
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