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October 7th, 2011, 03:42 PM
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Being a resident myself, I have been through medical school and know the intensity of it. We had a good bunch of people that had babies in the 1st two yrs of medical school but most of them were males and the few women that had kids in medical school had good spousal support. I had mine during 4th yr and after having him, I learned the struggles it was just to try to study what little I actually had to do during 4th yr and it was no where near the amount you have to do in the 1st 2 yrs when you have so much classroom work and tests. I can honestly say it will be extremely difficult. I think you need to tell your father and this guy. For one, the guy needs to know especially if you are keeping the child. Your father should know because honestly, you are gonig to need support and help because you will need times just to yourself to study or you will never make it through. To be brutally honest like you asked, you were old enough to make the decision to have sex and knowing that you made it into medical school shows that you were smart enough to know the consequences that come with having sex, if only you would have know that it takes 3 months for the pill to reach full effectiveness, now you need to step up and tell all involved the truth.

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