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October 10th, 2011, 02:12 AM
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]Infant/toddler mommies - are you now breastfeeding?Did you breastfeed (or pumping counts!) for any length of time and for how long? How many are formula feeding and/or supplementing? Is your pediatrician in support of whatever choice you have made? I am doing a little of everything ....I am bfing when I am home, pumpng when I am at work and after I feed them at home and in the middle of the night (like now ) and supplementing with pumped bm if I have it and formula if I don't whenever they are either a) too fussy to nurse (Abigail often fights me on it lately ... though this weekend she has been showing off for her grammy, who is visititing, and nursing well .... or b) still hunhry after they have drained their side (Noah gets two sides if Abigail is fussy and if she isn't he is often still hungry after his side. My pedi doesn't really care how they get their food actually we have never really talked much about it other than him asking each apt what they are eating.

Those on solids, what have they tried and what is their favorite? They just started after their 4 month appt. So far they have had the boring stuff (rice cearl and oatmeal), one fruit (bananas), and one veggie (sweet potatoes). Noah LOVED bananas ... and ate the sweet potatoes fine, but wasn't excited about them like bananas. Abigail tolerated both, but didn't love either/
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