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October 10th, 2011, 07:30 AM
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I am hoping to update here for some peace of mind- and help from Gwynne, Naomi, and anyone else who reads it Long story super short, We never ended up taking the progesterone. I had some spotting- just brown tinged cm back on Sept 19th, no BDing or anything to cause it, and it lasted only an afternoon-never progressed. I expected AF but she never showed, hpt was bfn so I took a chance and took an OPK - positive! I double checked with digitals and got SEVERAL days of positive OPKS. So I posted my 3 most blazing positives into FF and changed the tracker to OPK. It gave me an O date of 9/25. I never feel O pains and I wasn't temping so I had nothing to go off of. The last two weeks have been a roller coaster of symptoms. We successfully weaned Paige last month, mastitis again was my last straw so she's half bm half whole milk. I am exhausted and although my milk had completely dried up weeks ago, even "squishable" I am not sore, engorged, and leaking. Last week I was involved in a car accident. Some crazy woman hit the gas out of her parking space and rammed the drivers side front of my car. I was 10dpo and had a blood test- neg. I fractured my collar bone, mild concussion, and sprained neck. Thank Heaven the girls were not with me. Well today (assuming I even O'd) is CD 15, AF is due today and the last 3 days in particular have had lots of cramping, and CM (like ya think you peed yourself clear fluid leaking) FRER with FMU was BFN. I know with Paige I implanted late, neg BETA at cd 14 and BFP at cd 17, so I'm still holding out a few more days but I'm really not feeling it anymore... I'm in a ridiculous amount of pain but I don't want to take anything just incase there is a pregnancy and I don't want to harm it. Well that about sums it all up. Still waiting : P
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