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October 10th, 2011, 10:42 AM
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Well I don't think I'm going to be "hiding" my pregnancy much longer this baby just wants to show off to the world lol. I can still suck it in at times but it's pretty uncomfortable so I'm just gonna let it hang out for the most part lol. It's soo weird to watch my stomach get bigger as I step on the scale and lose another pound. 5 now! The doctor wasn't too happy about that, but hopefully it gets to where I want to eat more soon. So yeah anyway this time I saw a different midwife and she is pregnant too how cool is that! She was really nice and we talked about the cyst and how its got to be that causing the pain and then she got out her doppler to find the HB. Well that took forever! I was getting so nervous she kept saying she thought she was getting little blips of it but couldn't pin it down. Finally way over on the right she found it! It was soo fast much faster than at the US she said it was in the 170's but she didnt count exactly. Im just so happy that everything is okay still. And she said it really makes sense that i would be having more pain if the baby is hanging out on the same side as the cyst. The only problem that came up was when I mentioned that my hair seems to be falling out more than before and I thought it was supposed to be the other way around. She said it could be fine but it could also be a problem so she sent me to get blood drawn to check my thyroid. Other than that though, everything was great. Since their US is at the perinatal office it costs a specialist co-pay to get one so she said unless it hurts more, we will just wait until the 24th which is my first trimester screening. But now that's in 2 weeks which is usually how long it takes for me to start getting freaked out so it should work out great.

Oh and I tried to go grocery shopping today for the first time since I found out I was pregnant, what a nightmare Im surprised I didnt puke!

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