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October 10th, 2011, 02:03 PM
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I'm sure you've all seen in my siggie by now, but we are breastfeeding still at 13 months. We were exclusive for the first 6 months and then added solids slowly, though more quickly than I have with babies in the past. It's really hard to sit down and feed babies separately from everyone else and still get dinner cooked and then actually get to eat it. So I had them sitting in their seats and eating some finger foods earlier than usual.

Lynndi will NOT eat green beans. Since she had them out of a jar the first time, she sat and hollered with her mouth open and a bite on her tongue. I was amused. Now, if I put green beans on her tray, she might try one but throws the rest of them in the floor. If I try to put one directly in her mouth she shakes her head "no". I've never had a picky eater before! She also won't eat vienna sausages. She went to town on the fresh asparagus the other night though!

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