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October 10th, 2011, 08:58 PM
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Ooooh!!! This is exciting I'm so sorry about the accident, though. Rough. I hope you are healing well. That collar bone is SENSITIVE, so I can not imagine the pain. Poor dear!

With all 3 of these pregnancies, I had a TON of CM (more than normal before AF, I do get a little EWCM before AF, but this is more) and never sore boobs or anything else. I did have some cramping, like normal, so I could never go off that as to whether or not AF was coming or I was going to get my BFP. It's a good sign! OH, this time, too, I had NO O pains at all, so I was worried it didn't happen and planned for a cycle off in case of clomid-induced cysts needless to say... I ovulated from all 3 follicles (major high progesterone levels) and one took! So, O pains aren't always "honest" signs, either.

Keep us posted! FX for you, Jenna!
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