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October 11th, 2011, 07:16 AM
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I tried posting yesterday but it didn't work so lets try again..
I'm exclusively pumping right now since the girls were in the nicu. Keely is home now and Kenley is still there. I've been trying to nurse Keely but she's not having it. she will latch a but and suck a couple times but get mad, is it because she was started on the bottle and it comes out faster?
I can't keep up with both of them though with the pumping. taking some in to the nicu AND having some at home for Keely is getting tiring. I'm not making enough either..
I had a hard time nursing my son too so this really isn't surprising to me. I have bad luck all around with pregnancies and then needing a c/s with my son and then not even being able to nurse.. It gets to me..

that turned in to more than just answering the question lol sorry
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