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October 11th, 2011, 09:04 PM
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I did it! I got on that treadmill for the first time in 12 months!!!

last night: Glee, 40 mins, 1.75miles!
this am: Glee, 40mins, 1.75 miles!!

Obviously its not a fast walk, but its getting done! I've also decided that I do not need a weight or exercise ticker, b/c everytime I do that, when I don't like the numbers then I give up and quit. It doesn't take much to knock me down and I do it myself each time. The wt isn't coming down fast enough, go to mcducks and hop off the treadmill.

My goal this time is to exercise daily, and get into my size 12 jeans. DH took me uptown yesterday and made me buy two pair of size 18 and 20 jeans. I really needed them since I can't hid the panel of my mat jeans anymore-and my mat panties were all worn out, so I bought a bunch of 1x panties too. Those two things have boosted my morale up the past 24 hrs-I can do this! Get this, he called them my transition jeans, transition for $180, right! I want out of those things that I can hardly wait!

Tomorrow morning the sitter is here at 8am, so at that time I will head to the basement and watch another Glee, then have a nice shower, and take Nolan to preschool for noon. She's here, I might as well work out.

1-stay off the scale, hide it if I have to
2-get into size 12 jeans
3-no tickers for wt or exercise
4-exercise daily

Lucky mother to five!

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