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October 12th, 2011, 05:21 AM
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Sunday I went to a baby shower for my cousin. She's just a year younger, but this is her first baby. She's so adorable with her growing belly. She's due about a week before Christmas. She teaches 3rd grade and some of the kids in her class just noticed this week that she was pregnant. They're all excited to have a teacher who's going to have a baby.

Monday we were all off because of Columbus Day. When Jamie's off work we're off school. He works for the government so he gets all those federal holidays.

Yesterday the little boys were supposed to have a dentist appointment, but they called about 4 hours before the appointment to inform us they don't accept our insurance. Never mind they said they did 3 weeks ago when we made the appointment. Annoying to wait until the last minute to tell us they don't. The boys will see a different dentist next Tuesday.

Today Ani went to work with Jamie. In about a half hour she's having a root canal done. Poor kid. First root canal at just 11. She inherited Jamie's awful teeth. I swear he brushes and flosses more than I do and he's always needing work done.

Tomorrow Fritz has speech therapy. It was rescheduled from yesterday because he was supposed to be at the dentist.

I think we actually have nothing to do Friday. We've been ridiculously busy lately. It's annoying.

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