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October 12th, 2011, 07:09 AM
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I have been trying to figure out why she bothered to send me to him if she's not going to follow his say. I had another BPP done yesterday and the baby was failing all the way until the 30 minute mark when she got the hiccups- so she moved her diaphragm but that's involuntary so I don't know how or why they would even count that. If she is failing to that point, doesn't that indicate something?! I wish people hadn't taken advantage of elective inductions for so long because now it's creating problems for me. Since they have done away with inductions prior to 39 weeks she is worried about inducing me due to getting a slap on the hand from the hospital. Even though my medical records can be viewed.

She keeps blowing the protein and ketones off as well and I just feel like at the rate we are going either one of us is going to have complications because of it, or both....
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