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October 12th, 2011, 03:47 PM
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So I went to the doctor Monday October 3rd 2 daysover due. I was 3cm 80% and at -1 and then we got an u/s to see how baby wasdoing. Baby was good but measuring 9.5pounds so we decided to induce the next day at 8am. I got to the hospital to find I was almost5cm meaning you were probably going to come that day anyway. Around 9:30 I was all hooked up and pitocinwas started. I was doing really well andat about 1pm contractions started to get serious. Later around 4pm I was 7cm and the doctorbroke my water, it was during a contaction and brought tears to my eyes. Thewater showed mechonium so a bunch of people was called in and intoducedthemsleves to be there just in case you inhaled it. By 5ish I was asking fordrugs anything but it was too late. Ihad gotten sick by this point and barfed up my liquid diet. At 6pm I had started to push and baby washere at 6:16pm. It hurt really bad I wasso happy to get baby out. They took the baby to make sure she was ok but she had come outscreaming and was healthy. I got thebaby for a awhile and was able to nurse for about ten minutes, but placenta hadnot been delivered still and I was still having contractions that hurt. About an hour after the baby was born a bunchof people were called in I had to give you back to Tim because I was feelingweak. I was asked to help get my jewleryoff and I could feel myself getting dizzy and my hands and feet goingtingly. The placenta was still not outand I was losing blood. I was rushedback to the OR, Tim walked with me part of the way. I was put to sleep, I remember thinking itwas taking forever to pass out. Poor dadwas so worried he called his mom and was crying. I woke later in recovery in a lot of pain andthen Tim came back in to sit with me. Iwas very confused and remember telling Tim I am sorry to do this to him I wasso worried about him and worried about my baby who had to be wisk away. I was finally back in my room I was very weakhooked up to to ivs one getting blood the other antibitotics and several bagsof fluid and oxygen. Baby was gettinghungry so Tim her held to nurse. Thedoctor explanied part of my uterus did not want did not want to detach and shehad to put her hand in there to get it put and it was really stuck. I am very lucky I did not end up with ahystrectomy and she was bale to get it all out. After a few days I started to feel normal again the blood loss did a bit of anumber on me, but we both ended up healthy anf ok.

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