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October 13th, 2011, 09:35 AM
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I went in at 8w1d for my intake exam and ultrasound and they could not find a heart beat. I had last had an ultrasound at 7w1d and all was looking good and the baby had a heartbeat then. They say it measured at about 7w2d so either it stopped growing then, or it grew a bit more and was now shrinking.

Since I am leaving on vacation today they scared me into taking Misoprostol to induce the miscarriage - aiming to expel the baby quickly so that I could go on my long plane trip without worrying about hemmoraging. They kept telling me it was common to hemmorage if I miscarried on my own (which is what I wanted to do) and I am pretty upset that they were so pushy with me to take the pills.

I took the pills... and hour later I was cramping (think very very bad cramps), and hour after than I was bleeding and a few hours after that I expelled the baby. Crazy drug for sure.

My underwear (and giant pad) absolultely flooded - it was unlike anything I have ever experienced and was horrible. I could barely contain the mess (but I did manage to not ruin the carpet etc....). The sac was there on my pad so I took a good look at it. I could see the baby inside, it was very distressing. I decided to open the sac, which was suprisingly difficult to open.... but when it did tear everything that came out of it fell apart and it no longer looked like a baby. What a horrible experience.

I called the doctor and they agreed that I didn't have to take the second set of pills at midnight (thank goodness) since I had expelled it.

I go in for an appointment tomorrow to check that it is all out otherwise I have to have a d&c. I pray that the sac and baby was all that needed to come out.... I don't want to have a d&c at all.

The bleeding appears to have stopped or at least slowed right down. I am not sure my body knows that I have lost the baby yet. I imagine I will have a very heavy period when it does.

This is my third loss, but by far my worst.

Thank you Kiliki... for my amazing siggie!
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