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October 14th, 2011, 10:35 AM
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Howdy! I will answer your questions with what we have at home. We werent prepared for a formula baby so we were a little behind the game.

First thing, go to,, and Sign up for their websites. Just put in a date for having a baby or just having had a baby. Tell them you are exclusively breastfeeding. That gets you the most from their checks as possible. Different babies will respond to different formulas. I wouldnt buy too much of any one brand until you know what the baby you get likes. I would buy maybe a small container or two of each major (not specialty brands). That way you are prepared for whatever they could need (and go out and get more of the brand they like best).

I recommend buying 8oz bottles. We are in the process of moving from 4oz bottles to 8oz ones. We make the bottles as we need them, so I dont have to warm them up at all. The few times I did warm the bottle I put it into a pot of boiling water on my stove for just a few mins. I dont use special water. Our tap water is safe to drink so its safe to use in her formula. In terms of cost, the powder is the cheapest. Thats what we use. I have some ready made formula but that is left at daycare if she needs it. I wait for formula sales in terms of buying it. I will take all my checks and coupons to get as much discounted as possible.

How much the baby will eat and how often really depends on the baby. We were given the guideline of 2.5oz per lb of baby. Susie is 3 months and she takes 6 bottles a day of 3-6oz per bottle. I dont use generic, only because they recommend staying with one specific brand. She responded well to Enfamil Gentalease so thats the only thing we use. I would recommend at least 12 bottles. We are still building our stash up to 3 days worth (18 bottles). I try to wash them nightly or first thing in the morning but that doesnt always happen. I hand wash our bottles.

Generally we go through about $18 worth of formula a week ($26 regular price for 22.5oz of powder - $5 coupon - $5 formula check).

Ask your ped once you get a baby about formula samples! Our ped office always gives us 1-2 sample containers a trip which have coupons in them.

Now all this is just what we do, and works for us.

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