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October 14th, 2011, 10:48 AM
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I'm looking for stroller suggestions. My situation is such that when twins will be born, my son will be ~1 year old, so the difference between them will be about 1 year.

Currently, this is the stroller I have:
VISTA Stroller

We purchased this for our son and loved that it came with two attachment - the seat and the bassinet. We used the bassinet for the first ~6 months, it was great when he was little and could just sleep in it during walks. Now he is too big and we switched to the seat attachment.

Now with twins on the way, I see there are mostly "sitting" type double strollers out there. What I'm worried about are 2 things: putting the twinks into a sitting stroller before they are 6 (or even 4) months is not ideal - they can't support themselves yet. Car seat attachments are an option, but again, the babies are scrunched in them too, and I'd love to have them just lie horizontally and rest/sleep during walks. Second thing: I will also have another baby 1 year older than twinks... do I need to look for a triple stroller then? Or will he "grow out" of a stroller by certain age (2? 3?) I don't want to invest in a triple stroller if we'll only use it for a year, KWIM? Plus it's way too bulky and heavy... Or maybe I need two separate strollers - a double and a simple umbrella stroller for my son? But this will always require 2 adults...

Any suggestions are welcome, as I'm trying to decide what type of stroller I really need.

P.S. here are some options I looked at:

Customer Image Gallery for Valco Baby Tri Mode EX Twin Stroller

Triple Pram | Triplet Pram | ABC Adventure Triple Buggy

Peg Perego Official Website | United States | Baby Products | Triplette Sw

Inglesina International Web Site | Domino Trio

and just for laughs...
Runabout Page 22

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