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October 14th, 2011, 11:52 AM
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I am embarrassed to say that for a few weeks in there, I was sorta panicking about the weight packing on. I did not need any more than maybe 15-20lbs of pregnancy weight. And I was there by 25 weeks. So I started having a bit of an issue with the weight. It did NOT help that both my idiot doctor (he shall never be referred to as just "the doctor" again...he always needs "idiot" or "tool" or some other descriptive word!) and one of the midwives were on me about the rate of gain. I wish I had ignored them and not let it get to me.

I have been walking for about a week. It is one of the only ways both boys are calm and content. Not hard or far, but enough to get us out. I am sure I will continue as long as the weather holds out. Between that, breastfeeding, and just nature, I am already at pre-preg weight. And have been for a couple weeks. The weight stopped coming off for now, but I would like to encourage a few more pounds off while having the added benefit of nursing calories
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