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October 14th, 2011, 12:22 PM
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I find the specialty bottles to be nice because you don't ahve to "burp" the bottle. The baby can just keep drinking. This was nice because my baby was EBF until he was nearly 6 months old. They don't have to unlatch to breathe at the breast, so it was a more natural action switching to specialty bottles. We use Avents almost exclusively. We have some Dr. Browns and they are nice, but i HATE washing them. I have a handful of the cheaper gerber ones too, because they travel well in the diaper bag without leaking.

We use powdered formula. I think its really easy to deal with out and about. You just premeasure your water into bottles, and your formula into a formula dispenser (you need a few of these) then you just mix as you need them. I just use lukewarm tapwater (our water is really safe). I prefer it because you don't have to heat bottles. In the middle of the night, i just stumble into the bathroom and mix bottles from the tap.

No advice on brands or coupons though. My son is on prescription Neocate, and we didn't have a choice. But insurance covers the cost

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