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October 14th, 2011, 02:33 PM
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Here is a stroller guide I found helpful when I was looking!

Here's a site with some awesome looking choices. Looks like it will fit Graco or Evenflo car seats. Double Decker Twin Strollers

I think it depends partly on how much walking you do, and for how long each time. 3 and 4 year olds will walk like "big kids" for a little while, but they get tired. When my middles were little (that makes me to say it out loud), we just kept the same single umbrella stroller... and often found ourselves carrying the younger one so the bigger one could ride.

That said, personally, I'd probably go with the single umbrella plus a double stroller quicker than a triple. But for me, I always have a helping hand with me - if not hubby, at least my 12yo is around. But that way if we don't need the third seat we can just leave it in the van.

I also had issues with the whole deal where at least one seat was still sitting straight up instead of laying back for an infant. There are some available, though, where you can snap the bucket car seats in them and then they change into the kind that sits up later. (I looked and couldn't find it just now. I will look more intensively later tonight!)

Some of the ones I saw had only ONE bucket car seat and then a sitting up seat... which works for one infant and a toddler but not for two infants. You could go that route, though, and use the stroller you have now for the second twin. I know Graco has the one where you attach two infant car seats, but that doesn't do anything for the toddler unless you go with a separate stroller.

We ended up with a Safety 1st jogger, because the seats layed back. I had my eyes on the Baby Trend jogger that is a lot like it, but I found this one used for CHEAP ($35! no joke!) so we did that instead.

Now that our kids are bigger and can sit up, though, we ended up getting a second double umbrella-type stroller. (Ours is a Kolcraft but I had my eyes on the Jeeps.) It's just easier to leave it in the van all the time and pull out and put back in for a quick trip or multiple trips (like holiday shopping). We use the jogger for things like when we go to the park or the zoo or for an exercise walk around the neighborhood, etc.

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