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October 14th, 2011, 04:49 PM
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So Im really sick today. I dont know if it's a really bad day for M/S or if Im actually sick from something food or virus? I woke up at like 6 dizzy and feeling pukey and poopy I called off work for the morning to see if I would feel better, went back to sleep woke up dizzyness was gone stomach not feeling great slept off and on till 1 was feeling better ate a rice crispie treat and had some v8 juice. Feeling okay not great had some rice crispies and milk about 4 got queasy again that went away around 5:30 and I had some more v8. 6:45 and I threw up the juice explosively and still feeling queasy. I just hope the baby is okay. Im not dehydrated and I don't have a fever. I dont know if it warrants a call to the answering service as it's not really an emergency and it's the weekend so my only option would be the ER. I guess if it's still bad tomorrow I will go in though? I dont know. Im supposed to work at a craft show tomorrow too. Gosh I just need to feel better and know the baby is okay. But I dont want to spend $100 for it to be nothing.

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