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October 14th, 2011, 04:53 PM
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40 weeks

Went to my doc today and there is no sign she is coming out soon. NST went fine, although she was asleep at the beginning and they had to use a noise vibrating thing to wake her up. Then she went nuts, as if to say, "What the hell was THAT?!?!" then went for a fluid check and it was even more than at 37 weeks. Cervix is still pretty high, and kind of sideways, and has not dilated any further, still at 3 cm. And baby is head down but facing sideways and up a little.

So, I am now scheduled for an induction on Thursday. I never in a million years thout I would get to the point where an induction was appealing, but I am TOTALLY there now. Seriously, if they had offered to do it over the weekend, I would have said yes. But the upside to Thursday is that my second favorite doc in the practice will be on duty. The plan for the induction is to start me on pitocin low dose, then break my water using a thing that will make it leak rather than gush, since there is so much fluid in there. The doc I saw today, who I really like too, said that she thinks the induction will go quickly given at my cervix is already soft.

So, if I go into labor before then, great, or of not, at least there is an end in sight! I feel really ready for this pregnancy to end and to get to meet Maggie. This week has been rougher than I expected emotionally. On Wednesday night, I actually peed myself, isn't pregnancy beautiful...anyway, then I thought, "That WAS pee and not my water breaking, right?". Of course it was pee. Again, it was like what happened with Jim, only in reverse. With him, I wanted it to be pee and not my water breaking...and this time, I wanted the opposite. And in neither case did my body do what I wanted. So of course I had a PTSD meltdown that night. The next day, I got 4 phone calls from my parents, and even though I kept telling them I was trying to have a quiet day, they tried to invite themselves over to my house. I finally had to tell them I was having PTSD symptoms and needed to be left alone...and I really don't like talking to them about the PTSD. I love my parents but they are not good at crisis support and especially my mom totally failed at it when Jim was in the NICU. So having to talk to them about it brings up that time for me and just makes things worse.

Anyway, I am better today now that the end is in sight. I have to be honest, after the chaos around Jim's birth was rough, and the idea of having a planned birth for Maggie is appealing to me. There is something about it that makes me feel calm...especially since it is a doc I like and trust who will be there.

So, next week, I will try to update on the day I hit 41 weeks before we head off to the hospital, or possibly while I am waiting for the pitocin to kick in!
~Beth in Seattle

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