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October 15th, 2011, 03:40 AM
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This challenge is for THREE players from each team. It MUST be played by end of Sunday, 16th Oct (your time).

(So, when three have played from Team Mommy Lounge, no more from that team can play. When three have played from Team Entertainment, no more from that team can play. You're racing against time instead of each other for this one).

This is a two-parter and a multi-pointer.

Part 1: Post a weekend-related thread on either board.

This can be something you do at the weekend, something you watch on TV at the weekend, a question about other ladies' weekends, or a "daily" post (eg Weekend Woes, Saturday Seven, Sunday Prayer...etc). 1 point for this. Post the link here.

Part 2: Be on "weekend watch" on your team's board:
- If you reply to 3 threads you get 1 point
- If you reply to 5 threads you get 2 points
- If you reply to 10 threads you get 3 points
Say "done" here and I will check. You are allowed to bump back posts from as far back as you like, it doesn't all have to be page 1 posts.

play both parts to get any points at all. So just posting a weekend thread and not doing any replies won't get you anything.

The first lady to complete this overall will get a bonus point for finishing first, too.


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