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October 17th, 2011, 06:02 PM
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Well I found out who hid my OPKs. Thankfully it wasn't just some weird joke. Apparently some friends were joking about testing their fertility so another friend whom hadn't been drinking took them and put them up where no one would get them, just forgot to mention to me that they were doing that. But all's well now that I know.

Today DH and I had a tad of a heart to heart. He really has me under the impression he wants to stop trying, but he's just very hard to read. See, my BFF is getting married next September and we are all going on a cruise for her honeymoon. We are booked to go, and know that if we have to, due to a pregnancy or new baby, that we can back out with no money lost. Today he tells me he hates knowing that the cruise can be pulled out from our future at any moment. That he really can't let himself get excited for it while everyone else is because he knows there's a chance we may not go. He reassured me that he DOES want a kid, and doesn't want to stop trying, but he just has so many emotions going on that I can't seem to read him very well right now. I sort of understand how he feels, but I would give up any vacation to be blessed with a child.

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