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October 17th, 2011, 09:01 PM
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I am Tammy venting about my losses and not sure what I can do to stop it

My sister was killed in auto accident 11 months ago parents who split when I was 7 entered into law suite aginst trucking co. Dad meet new wife in 89 and walked out of our lives he made mini apperances from time to time and choose to raise her 5 kids.

The state of Iowa says that hes the father and is intitled to 50% of what ever comes of law suite. Fast forward 11 months dad dies of heart attack on the 9th. Because the estate of my sister listed mom and dad what ever comes of that when settled on his half goes to he wife it eats me up inside knowing that someone that had nothing to do with me or my sister is now gonna walk away with her money just because of a paper.

I was not even asked for input on fathers services and all her kids helped make arrangements and participated in the services her kids made the music and rode with ashes to grave site and stoode in a line excepting condoliances while me and my kids waited in a line to give ours. So I guess you could say that I am a bit bitter but without reason. I guess I am at a loss of how to stop this mess!!!!

just needed to vent and glad I found this place
Thank you Jaidynsmum for the amazing Siggy

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