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October 17th, 2011, 11:50 PM
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I have sensory processing disorder. It's auditory and tactile issues..
Loud sounds are murder on my ears, screaming and too much auditory input (ex. a crowded room) bother me as well.
The tactile is the bad one though. I can't touch mud, clay, or chalk at all. Seams on my socks touching the bottom of my feet.. no way. Anything in my shoe warrants immediate removal, I tend to chew on pen caps, etc without noticing, and I have a love for anything silky. To the point where it's actually common for me to have a small piece of silky fabric in my pocket at any given moment.

However, my main question is.. What's the chance I passed it on to my DD?
So far she seems alright.. She loves to make noise, but the vacuum does freak her out. Not sure if it's from it being "Too loud" like with me, or just scary.
She's starting to get annoyed if her sock seams aren't in the right place, but she also puts socks on 24/7. If she finds a sock, she will wear it. Same with shoes.
And heaven forbid her hands get dirty or sticky.. but my sister was the same way and she doesn't have SPD
I'm just worried she'll have the same problem to deal with.
Is SPD genetic or just a random thing?
What types of signs should I look for as early warning signs?
Thanks in advance

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