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October 18th, 2011, 10:01 AM
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So today I was going to attempt to start temping. I know I'm already on CD12 but I figure since I don't usually O until CD26(ish) it wouldn't hurt to start now. Plus, ya gotta start somewhere and even if it was just to start to get me used to it all together I figured today would be the day. Alarm goes off at 5:20, roll over, take my temp, and realize I have nothing to write it down on, so I decided to text it to myself. Well, I must have been super tired because I definitely did not text it to myself. And it's no where on my phone to be found I tried so hard to think about what the temp was but I can't seem to remember. This stuff is really going to be difficult for me, I can tell already lol. But tomorrows a new day and I now know I better get a pencil and small notebook to go with my thermometer.

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