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October 18th, 2011, 04:44 PM
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I have been sooooo busy! My car had something wrong with the front end so I spent a few hours at the dealership getting it diagnosed. Luckily the front end stuff was covered under warranty. BUT...they told me I need new brakes and new tires and quoted me at $1600!!! ***??? I said no way to that!! I am really upset that I've only been driving that car for 2 years and stuff is already going wrong with it. Today I picked up my car and headed straight for the Subaru dealership. A friend of ours is a dealer there so he and I spent the afternoon test driving and figuring out options. It's not easy for me since I currently don't have a job, but he's doing what he can to help get me in a decent car. I found a couple I liked. I am going to probably go back there tomorrow to test drive some more. I really love my Jeep, but I need something more reliable. My last car was a Subaru and it went 10 years before needing any work. At any rate, I am exhausted!! I'm going to get into sweats and curl up in bed in a little while.

I barely ate anything yesterday and today...too busy and stressed. I got a tiny bit of exercise playing fetch with Pepper this evening...although she definitely got more! LOL!!

I checked the tracking number for my cheap HPT's and they arrived at the post office so I'll pick them up tomorrow. The earliest I'll test is Thursday but I might just go ahead and wait until Friday. I really have not had any urge to test at all. It's weird!

Katie, did you test?
Joanna, how did your appointment go?
Melissa, did you get your kickboxing workout done? That sounds like a ton of fun!! How's the morning sickness?
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