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October 19th, 2011, 09:40 AM
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On Friday, Oct. 7 (my due date) I had my usual weekly OB appt. at 8am. I was supposed to go into work that day for my last day but I wasn't in the mood so I called in. Good thing. The OB put me on the monitor for about 30 mins and I thought everything was fine. She came in to check me and informed me that I had a small decel so that "earned me a trip to the hospital". I figured they'd do an NST and let me go home but just to be on the safe side I went home to finish packing my bag and grab my husband. When we arrived at the hospital the porter was there at admissions and informed me that my OB was on call and he decided that he was going to induce. Poop! That wasn't what I had planned!! I was a bit upset by the news but I figured it was for the baby's safety so I got over myself real quick. Around 11am my OB decided to put me on pitocin and see how I would progress. I was only at 1cm when I arrived at 10:30am, 50% effaced and a +3 position which made for very uncomfortable cervical checks. I was hooked up to a pitocin drip and my OB swept my membranes (ouch). I was checked at about 4pm and was still at 1cm, 70% effaced, +3 so my OB decided to take me off the pitocin and monitors at 5pm, let me eat and walk around some then check me again at 10pm to see what was going on. If I still wasn't dialating he was going to insert cervadil then go from there. Shortly after 5pm I started contracting but it wasn't very intense just yet. Around 10pm the contractions started getting more intense and at 11pm I was at cervadil needed! I was offered an epidural several times but I refused as that was my plan. I did get some nubain which helped me chill a little between contractions. Around midnight on Oct. 8 I was having super intense contractions and was dialated to 5-6cm. My OB broke my water at that time. At about 12:30am I felt tons of pressure and pain and was almost ready to give up and ask for an epidural. I told the nurse I was considering an epidural so she checked me and I was at 6cm so if I wanted one, she would call the anesthesiologist. 5 mins later I felt the urge to push so she checked me again and I was at 9cm. Too late for the epidural which was fine with me. It was almost time! At about 12:45am I was at 10cm and ready to push. My OB and the nurses got themselves ready because she was coming and coming fast, lol. Ms. Sofia arrived at 12:55am after 3 pushes which took about 3 minutes. Sweet relief!! My placenta was delivered shortly after her birth and I was sewn up a bit after tearing some. Sofia scored 9 out of 9 on her apgars (yay!). She was 6lbs 4.4 oz and 21 inches long at birth. She nursed for about 30 mins shortly after birth and has been doing pretty ok with nursing so far. She does get frustrated and fussy at times in regards to nursing. Her billirubin levels were a bit high so I pumped and bottle fed her the first few days home in order to make sure she was getting enough to flush out the jaundice. Luckily, that did the trick. She's just the sweetest little thing! We're so happy and feel so blessed to have her.

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