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October 20th, 2011, 01:46 PM
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I'm new here, but was interested in your post. Glad things are looking up at school. I know how much of a stressor it is when they're not!

My son (8) has been diagnosed with SID/SPD, ADHD, and anxiety. Things have really escalated lately and I think we're going to have to add depression to the mix. He has a psych appointment on Nov. 2nd. I'm hoping we get help and answers then.

My son has a lot of traits of kids with Aspergers, but two areas (social and difficulty with humor) do not fit. He is a little "different," but he still loves to make friends, is able to, and is well-liked. He also has no problem with eye contact and is not ever really socially inappropriate (except the level of his voice and wanting to "direct" kids at times).
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