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October 20th, 2011, 06:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Alternamom View Post
I'm exclusively pumping right now since the girls were in the nicu. Keely is home now and Kenley is still there. I've been trying to nurse Keely but she's not having it. she will latch a but and suck a couple times but get mad, is it because she was started on the bottle and it comes out faster?
It can easily be because a bottle is easier. I would try BFing at each feeding and then did pumped milk in a bottle after a short time on the breast since neither A nor E was good at nursing. They got tired out and would stop way before they had enough calories. Eventually, as they got stronger, we moved to a little bit slower nipple on their bottle and then worked out way to the Firstyears Breastflow bottles. THey really had to work to get milk out of those and ended up prefering the breast.

Also, a couple quick hints on pumping.
1) make sure the part that goes over your nipple is the right size
2) make sure you have it set at a comfortable setting. harder and faster is not necessarily better
3) try power pumping. Pump 10 minutes on and 10 minutes off for an hour, once per day
4) keep pumping once all your milk is done. I always pumped for a minimum of 10 extra minutes during each pumping session. This made my body know it needed more and eventually I started getting a 2nd let down and started making more. I quickly had enough for my 2 plus a freezer stash.

Good luck!

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