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October 20th, 2011, 09:57 PM
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3 years ago my mom said to me that "it wont always be this way"...
I dont mean any offense at all hun, but I cannot stand when people say that. People say to me that I will want more kids after Drake is here, but let me say this. Having kids should NOT be something that is "expected" for women to do. We should not be "expected" to have large families, you would think in a world today people would be ok with an only child household and the more educated I get the more I learn people look weird at it. I just dont get it at all. Sometimes you just know.

Originally Posted by EverEnduring84 View Post
This would roughly put us at 30 by the time we could even "think" about financially having more children. This is even without a house and student loans (80,000 $ worth) to pay back.
Same here. But, DH and I are expecting our first and a month after Drake is born I will be 27 and DH will be 31. We are not old persay but we dont want to be older parents, ya know what I mean. We started late after not wanting kids and are completely blessed to have this one. But its a lifestyle. As far as owing that money. I know what you mean. I owe $60,000 in student loans and a few other things so I mean bringing another child into this world with all this financial obligations just seems silly to me.

Bottom line, in my opinion I always hear people say "When you have kids your life stops" well I chose for that to not happen. One child, mommy and daddy just seems perfect. I will not allow my life to stop, it will be enhanced with our little boy and life will go on perfectly.

I hope you feel better, and do what is right for YOU and no one else.
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