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October 20th, 2011, 10:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Seanaci View Post
you look at how old DH and I would be by the time a 2nd one was born, it's just too old for me.

I have to say, I'm rather excited about DS being our only child. As I know we'll be able to give him more experiences that neither DH or I were able to have as children (goodness knows our parents did the best they could).
I cant agree more! DH will be 31 and I will be 27 right after Drake is born. Yes we are still young, but think about it. By the time Drake is 20 we will be 51 and 47...I dont want to have a littlier one running around (even early teens) when we are that old. Some people say that selfish, but I dont think so.

DH and I also LOVE to travel. We take cross country road trips etc. We were laying in bed one night last year and it was almost 2am and we decided to get up and drive 8 hours to Cali just to do it. We are VERY spontanious. We want to share that with our son, not stop it because we have more children.

It is VERY satisfying knowing we CAN give Drake EVERYTHING and we wont miss out on ANYTHING!
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