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October 21st, 2011, 04:39 AM
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Augie, I love your wedding pictures, they are so beautiful!

5 things I love: Daniel, Shaun, my mum, my car, JM!

5 things I hate: Germs, Grumpiness, Scrooges, unexpected expenses, people who speak before they think.

5 things to look forward to: Seeing Shaun tonight , Hallowe'en, Christmas, getting a BFP hopefully at some point, getting a job hopefully at some point!

5 things I did today: Did my temp, got dressed, took Dan to school, picked Dan back up as he was sent home sick even though he's clearly not sick , and shortly will be making a curry for tea to try and combat our colds!

5 pictures:
Us at my cousin's wedding 2011

Us on holiday in Scotland 2010

Some pictures I love from when me and Daniel stayed with my best friend in Portugal 2009

I call this one "Touched by an Angel"

A Portuguese birthday cake - just love it - cream and egg cream on top instead of icing - I'd love my wedding cake, if I ever get married, to be like this!

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