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October 21st, 2011, 11:51 AM
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Thank you! Praying for you as well! Looks like she is due to arrive VERY soon! How exciting!
This is what we've tried so far:

pregnancy #1 - prenatals only

pregnancy #2 - prenatals & baby aspirin (after this one we found out I have low was only 1.7)

pregnancy #3 - prenatals, baby aspirin, & clomid (after this one I was sent to a RE who said I had a septate uterus and had to have surgery to correct)

pregnancy #4 - prenatals & lovenox shots (with this one, my progesterone went from 31 to 16 over a 12 day span...they wouldn't give me progesterone supplements or anything)

After all of that, I decided to try another ob and so far, I LOVE this one. I had blood work done at my first appointment and the next morning when she saw I was really pregnant, she gave me progesterone supplements, just in case, and lovenox shots. So far, so good. But, I can't wait to find out how far along I really am.

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So sorry for your losses, sending sticky dust your way!
Thank you! Praying for you as well.

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