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October 21st, 2011, 12:32 PM
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Thanks, everybody- it's awesome to have so much support!

We were supposed to find out about my urine results last night, and didn't end up hearing about them from the doctor until 10 this morning! Aaaahhh.

But the results looked great, the protein was really low. Since my BPs are still fluctuating some, they decided to put me on Labetalol to control them, run another 24 hour urine and monitor my BP in the meantime. I got them to just leave a machine in my room, I will take it on my own, and they will just come record the numbers, so hopefully the meds and getting rid of some of the anxiety that way will help keep them down. As long as the next urine looks good, and the BP stays down, I will be able to go home with monitoring and hopefully bake baby for another 2 weeks. At that point we will probably have to talk induction, but I guess we would see at that point.

I'm feeling better today, like I have a little more control over the situation, and I like this new BP-taking plan, and my pressures today have all been good. So fingers crossed that the urine comes back great again and we get to go home tomorrow!

Well this just sucks Please excuse me if this is rambly and makes no sense.

In the first trimester, I had a couple of high BP readings at OB appointments, so I have been monitoring my BP at home ever since, and they were normal for the whole second trimester and started creeping into 120s/80s in the last few weeks. My doctor told me if they did get up over 150 or 90 at home, I would get all the pre-e testing done (I have never had any other symptoms of pre-e) and go on bedrest to try to control the BP. The other day I had a reading of 130/88 and totally FREAKED myself out about it, crying and getting super anxious. I used to get treated for social anxiety and have noticed in the third trimester that I started getting some of my old anxiety symptoms back (flushing, sweating, etc) and there was definitely an anxiety component to this freakout.

So yesterday I go to the OB and my BP is 160/100!! I have NEVER had a reading like that in months of monitoring. So they let me sit there to "rest" for 10 minutes and take it again, but during that time she is telling me all about how if it's that high I have to go to L&D and might need to get induced and blah, blah, blah... not exactly restful conversation. During this time I get super flushed and hot and nervous and then surprise, my BP is even higher when she checks it again. So I go to L&D for monitoring, they admit me for a 24 hour urine collection to check for protein. All my pre-e labs have come back clean but my BP is still all over the place (but generally 150/95 or below, many are 140s/80s), and I swear that it could be because somebody seems to come in and tell me about how they're going to "make the decision on when to induce me later" 1 minute before the aide comes to check my BP or they decide to check my cervix because I'm contracting a lot 2 minutes before they check my BP or they decide to tell me they're admitting me 3 minutes before they check my BP.

I of course want to do what's best if this is really a BP issue, but I have felt anxious the whole time I've been here, and I don't want to be induced pre-term if this is just (or largely) anxiety. I'm getting so frustrated with it. I requested to start Zoloft (I used to take that for anxiety) and I hope my OB will give it at least a few days to kick in (even that might not be long enough) before deciding about induction. Tonight they will get my 24 hour urine results and decide if I can go home with close monitoring, or if I need to stay here until an induction decision.

I just want my baby girl to be safe and born healthy without complications and able to come home with us.

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