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October 22nd, 2011, 09:02 AM
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We opened up all of the windows today to let the fresh air in as we were cleaning up the house. Well all of the sudden this horrible smell started coming into the house. I thought that my husband had mixed cleaners and I pushed the kids outside only to see that the neighbor directly behind us had smoke all in his back yard and it was filling up our back yard too. I thought his house was on fire, so my DH ran over the fence into his back yard to make sure everything was ok.

I get the kids inside but it still stinks bad. Turns out it was not a fire but a freaking mosquito fogger!!! It got all in our house and both the kids and I were breathing in poision!! I am terrifed about what this will do for our pregnancy. I was trying to look it up online and it said to completely stay away from pesticides until 8 weeks because it can cause severe birth defects. We left the house for a half an hour, but when we got back you could still slightly smell it.

I am freaking out ladies!! I don't want to experience anything bad because of this or lose my baby.

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