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October 22nd, 2011, 04:38 AM
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About an hour after Selena was born (Lori's daughter) I went to the hospital. Hey now - I couldn't leave earlier and not update you all! LOL. Yeah I am crazy.

Anyway, I had a migraine (the kind where you can't see anything at all, I was basically blind). I layed down, took a fioriset and drank 2 glasses of water. about an hour later I felt better but started throwing up. Then there was a small amount of blood and around 5am everytime I was getting sick the whole toilet was full of blood.

So off I went. They took me in L&D first, monitored the baby - all is good with her and sent me down to the ER. They checked me out, put in an iv and pumped me full of pain meds and some medicine that stops all acid production in your body. They got the Gastronomic intestinal team of doctors to see me. They were concerned about the risks to the baby if they did a scope or further invasive testing but at the same time my red blood count was low and they were concerned with internal bleeding. They all sent me back to L&D but with the main focus on taking care of me.

Long story short - they think the stomach acid I have been having tore a small hole in my esophagus but do not feel I have internal bleeding. I am back home after 2 days and a ton of testing. I am on bed rest with bland food only until Tuesday when I go back to see them. Scarlett is doing so awesome. I got to see her on ultrasound and bawled like a child. She is so pretty and so big already. Around 5lbs 6oz.

My ob came in and said maybe just 2 more weeks until we get to meet her. It creeped me out as Lori said Scarlett will be born 2 weeks after Selena.

I almost made it through this pregnancy without drama, lol.

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