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October 23rd, 2011, 02:44 AM
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I'm really tired today. I think I'll take a nap in a little bit then maybe listen to baby again. I wanted to leave him or her alone today, but I just need to hear it for a second and it's been 24 hours since the last time already. Maybe Ill wait and do it before bed though. Today I sold the crib I had gotten for foster care. I didn't love it I had just been looking for a cheap crib I could get quickly and it didn't really match my vision for the room and it was too big. So anyway I bought it for 75 and sold it for 100 so I even made a little profit. Now I'm debating wether to save the money for a new crib which was the original plan, or to buy some clothes considering only like 2 of my shirts cover my belly now. I was planning on getting clothes in November I'm just not sure If I will make it another 2 weeks or so. I was hoping my parents would come out to visit sometime soon because i know my mom would take me shopping lol but they are too busy right now. Oh well I'll think about it. Tomorrow is my next ultrasound. It's first trimester screening which Im not really that concerned with I just decided one I could see the baby right at the end of the first trimester and hopefully relax more, and 2 if something was wrong we would have lots of time to prepare and get the best care and everything. The bad part is we just found out that ultrasounds are apparently considered part of our deductible that i didn't even know we had, so we already got an estimate of $96 for the last one which was just dating. I'm scared what this one is going to be. I considered canceling it but I'm still having pain presumably from my cyst so I really want to get that looked at again and make sure everything really is fine. Oh well, guess we will be paying up.

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