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October 23rd, 2011, 09:34 PM
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So I was hoping I could join you girls and maybe get a little support with my MIL. Here is my story lol....

GRRRRR i'm in such a bad mood right now! So I dont get along at all with my mil. We started out cool and were fine and then as soon as I got pregnant with Zaylee she hated me! So we have had our MANY issues and we have had a "talk" and though everything was okay with us - which lasted oh maybe a month, and then there she goes again treating me like ****. NEVER buying Eamon anything (because he's mine), but she will spend hundreds of dollars on Jasmine (marks daughter- not mine). She said one day that she's gonna take Jasmine, and her two cousins to the movies and guess who she didnt invite....Yep Eamon - Cause hes mine! So recently at my daughters birthday party that which had the nerve to IGNORE me in my own house. Didnt even bother to say one word to me - said bye to my daughtr who i was holding in my arms and then walked out the door. This lady raises my blood pressure like no other! So this weekend she takes Jasmine for the weekend to uy her clothes and toys and guess who she didnt buy a single thing for===Yep Eamon. I'm so beyond sick of this lady i can't stand it. I wish she wasn't even in my life it would be a heck of a lot less stressful. Marks family seems to think that "we" (marks mom and I) need to figure it out and we are both at fault, but the thing is I'm not at fault by any means, I have tried to be a "friend" to her and be nice to her, yet she hates me for whatever reason. I have never done anything to her to make her hate me or my two kids. TOnight when she dropped of jasmine - i'm standing right there and she walks past me like i'm not even there doesn't say a single word to me. I mean i'm so over trying to be nice to her or even trying in general. I can't stand her and honestly I dont care if she likes me at all. Mark has told her many times to stop treating me and eamon like ****, but she doesnt listen she honestly treats mark like crap 90% of the time as welll.

Mark and Kayla
Jasmine-7, Eamon-4, Zaylee-1
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