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October 24th, 2011, 05:28 PM
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I have posted on here a little bit, mostly earlier in my pregnancy, because I have a clotting disorder and have been on Lovenox. Now I have an entirely new issue.

My blood pressure had been creeping up into the pre-hypertension ranges over the course of my pregnancy, and last week at the OB, it was high enough that she sent me over to L&D, where it remained high enough (mostly 140s/80s with some spikes into 150s/90s) that they admitted me for pre-e testing.

I had 2 consecutive 24 hour urine tests and both came back showing no proteinuria. I had 3 sets of pre-e labs run and all came back within normal limits, although my uric acid is creeping up and is in the high end of normal. They sent me home on Labetalol, and without the stress of the hospital, my pressures have remained good. I'm going back tomorrow to get more labs run and to turn in another 24 hour urine collection.

Different doctors during my hospital stay seemed to disagree about what my labs meant. The issue appears to be the rising uric acid without proteinuria. Some doctor's seem to think it is already pre-e, while others think that without proteinuria it remains (at the moment) gestational hypertension. Does anyone have any experience with this?

And what have your doctor's recommendations been with regards to when to induce for either gestational hypertension or mild pre-e? My doctors seem to induce for gestational hypertension at 38 weeks, but for pre-e (even mild pre-e) at 36 weeks, but most things I have read have recommended waiting until 37 weeks if things are stable.
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