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October 25th, 2011, 07:41 AM
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I found out I was pregnant last week, and was lurking a bit on this forum before I decided to post.

It took me a year to get pregnant and I mc at 8 weeks in June. I figured it would be a whole year before I would get pregnant again. I started eating better, seeing a naturopath, and getting accupuncture and three months of trying I am pregnant again!

So here I am, ultra-paranoid, of course. My only symptoms are sore bbs(but not even very sore), and mild cramping. The cramping is worrying me as I didn't have that with my last pregnancy until I was miscarrying. Of course I had already started spotting at that point, and I don't have spotting now, so I guess it's ok. I want more symptoms!

Did any of you have cramping in early pregnancy?
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