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October 25th, 2011, 05:30 PM
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Readers digest version:

Saw first ghost when I was 7 float into my mom's room one morning. She saw it too.

The house we lived in when I was 6 (in Connecticut) was haunted, lights turned on and off and stuff would be moved from upstairs to downstairs. I didn't know anything about it but my mom and sister did.

The house I mainly grew up in was haunted. Parents were gone, bro sis and I were in basement (LVroom in there) and we thought someone had broken in as it sounded like the house was being burglarized. Very loud noises like things being dropped, as heavy as a tv even. Nothing was moved, no one was there, nothing was stolen ---- In this house I saw the ghost maybe 3 times, one time my mom and I both saw it at the same time and just looked at each other for confirmation and then went back to watching tv.

What's funny is that I've been Pagan since I was 17 and absolutely nothing ghostly has happened to me since...

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