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October 26th, 2011, 02:57 PM
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Originally Posted by themorethemerrier View Post
My twins are Creed and Laud. I haven't put their names out there until now.
I probably just put names in the wrong spot for you then! So sorry - it's fixed now! Thanks for the correction. And those are cute names!

Originally Posted by April Flowers View Post
My babies were born March 12, 2011. We found out in October that we were having b/g, so I am not sure why that is up there. My name is Jessica, if you would like to add that too.
I have the mom above you listed as Jessica, so either we have two or I found your name at some point and just put it on the wrong line! LOL Checking for her name now. Thanks for the correction!

Originally Posted by abwright17 View Post
Oh I forgot to mention im having g/g Luna & Lyra

I knew that. I did. Geez.

Sorry! LOL You're going to think I have something against you or something! I don't. Just mommy brain. I'd have known if you'd asked me! Just didn't get it up there for some reason. Ugh. *sigh*

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