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October 26th, 2011, 03:44 PM
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I have had an SCH since week 5. I do not see it on that pic, mine was a huge black spot right under the sac. Did he tell how you how big it was? Mine started at 5x2 cm and grew to 9x2cm. I also had several episodes of bleeding, so it's very good that you aren't bleeding. From what I understand there is very low risk if it is small and you are not actively bleeding, most will either bleed out or absorb by 20 weeks. I was on bedrest for 7 weeks after a huge bleed from 10-17 weeks and have not had any bleeding since, my SCH is now only 1cm. I would try not worry too much, it can be scary and even if you do have bleeding everything can still be ok. Also, once the placenta starts forming, you do not want it to be behind the placenta, as it can cause tearing. I hope it is gone next time and you don't have to worry. My doctor said mine was one of the biggest ones she ever saw with the most bleeding and my little guy is doing great


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