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October 26th, 2011, 10:57 PM
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Originally Posted by mary30 View Post
I am not on the list . But then again I have not been on for awhile !!!

twin boy and girl .July 23 Micah and Maddy

daughter Ashley 15 ,. Landon 11 , Conner 5 and kaetlin 2
Welcome back!! I will get you added!

Originally Posted by MarieJ View Post
my boys Arthur and Theodore are 2.5y
Thanks! I think you answered the poll for preschoolers, so I had you in that area instead. But I didn't have their names! Do you want to stay in the school-age section or do you want to be in the toddler section? I just put people where they answered the poll, and we had a little bit of separation of age opinion I guess.

Originally Posted by Jara View Post
You have me down as Ara. It is Jara

And Wyatt is my boy. Emerson is my girl.
paahaha! That's copy and paste for ya! I saw you were the last responder and I was thinking, She's on there! I know she is! I checked!!!

And I don't guess I even thought about what order the b/g or g/b was in, but I'll fix it! Thanks!

Much thanks to Alethia for my beautiful siggie and tags!!

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