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October 28th, 2011, 03:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Lady Jess View Post
lol why?

This sounds racist, but it's better the baby looks whiter. They can pass, and have more opportunities in America. Blacks are racial profiled everyday, and other things you dont know about since you aren't black and havent experienced it. So why would you want to subject them to that? lol

Im black, my kid is half asian. Hopefully looking more asian. Living in a country full of oppression is not all that cool. No it doesnt happen to everyone, but it does happen. And that's my view. Sorry if Im offending anyone.

And I didnt marry a Asian just because I didnt want black kids. Not the case at all. And I'm not dissing people who have "full" black kids, or wishing that they will have less opportunities in life.

America is making progress away from racism, and we'll all be mixed one day but we still have a long way to go.

Obama is a step up, but hey, he's mixed.

And by the way, Black hair is seen as undesirable here. Blacks have to fit the European standard of beauty, have straight hair. Straight hair is seen as "good hair." Blacks spends thousands of dollars on hair. And most of the products and people who manufactor the products are white owned.

Who are they going to hire- a big afro in a business suit, or straight neat hair in a business suit? Straightness looks "neater" in their opinion. I personally dont care about that image of beauty. I like my nature coils and wear dreadlocks.

Now hopefully, your kid has so called "good hair," so they wont long for it, and spends thousands throughout their life to have it artificially, especially if it's a girl.

And watching Chris Rock's new Good Hair documentary movie, you might find a bit enlightening, in regards to black hair. So I recommend you watch it. It's available online.

Sorry if it seems like I'm mad and ranting. America is just something else....And it's funny to look at our society from an sociological perspective.
The really sad thing is that we haven't learned from other cultures. You are talking about fitting a white standard or a standard that is acceptable to white ideals. Don't you know that Jews tried that in Germany when they were pressured? They looked whiter than any biracial kid and it did not work. If you learn from even American culture, you will find that there were blacks who could 'pass' and yet when found out of their real ancestry were shunned. Even the actor Wentworth Miller who could pass for white recounted an experience from childhood where a little white girl he had a crush on told him she didn't date nig*ers. Running away from blackness isn't the answer. But it seems like it's a hard lesson some black people will have to learn the way the Jewish population of Europe had to learn... you don't seek to compromise and negotiate with people who hate you. Their hate of your bloodline will not stop just because it is harder to detect on the surface. And the saddest thing is that I know of blacks who took the same route as you. I grew up in a predominantly white neighborhood and some of the biracial children did not want to acknowledge the black parent as being their parent. The distance the black parent tried to put between themselves and other blacks rubbed off on the offspring and turned back on the black parent resulting in the black parent being a symbol of shame for the biracial child.
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