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October 28th, 2011, 11:01 AM
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I got a flue shot. If you're allergic to eggs, don't get the shot.

Your baby cannot receive vaccinations prior to 6 months but if you get the vaccine, you pass the antibodies on to your baby. I do not know how long it takes your body to develop the antibodies though, so she could end up being born before it has any effect.

The flu can be deadly to pregnant mothers and babies, so I get the shot. In my DDC, most people refused the shot but their reasons, in my opinion, weren't based on any facts. A common one was, "I never get the flu shots and I never get the flu. Why do I need a shot?". By that same logic, there is no reason to have house insurance for fires since your house has never caught on fire before. I don't get it.
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