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October 28th, 2011, 11:12 AM
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So I called my OB this morning to find out what time my appointment was today and the receptionist says "Well honey, you HAD an appointment scheduled for last Wednesday. Is it safe to assume you need a new appointment?" yes please.... So I got to my appointment and my favorite doctor was the one on call today. During the appointment he showed me the slip I give to the receptionist to get my next appointment scheduled and said "I'm asking for you to come in on Tuesday next time so we can schedule your c-section. Is that all right?"
me: "Does this mean we'll be scheduling for you to do the surgery?"
him: "yes, unless you want someone else to do it. That's okay too."
me (while doing a lame fist pump in the air as celebration): "No, you just made my day!"

This is the only part of the repeat csection that I was worried about. He did an awesome job of explaining everything and doing the actual surgery. I absolutely adore him and didn't want to have to request him from on of the other doctors. YAY!!!
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