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October 28th, 2011, 08:45 PM
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Well, I thought I would be the forever pregnant woman & miss Eden just wanted to prove this mama wrong I very happily welcomed my little girl on October 25th, two days after her due date.

On Monday, the 24th, everything was going peachy & I had no signs of labor whatsoever. At this point I hadn't lost any of my mucus plug, I had random contractions here or there but it was nothing to write home about.

I did my normal thing, cleaned around the house & just hung out with Logan while DH worked. I sent DH a text around 2 or 3pm saying that I felt a little off, that I was all of a sudden contracting here or there (still hours apart though). DH got home from work around 7 & they were starting to pick up a little bit, still not painful though so I figured they would die off.

I started timing them & they were anywhere from 10-12 minutes apart, just barely uncomfortable. I bounced on the birthing ball thinking it would progress me, but it made it to where I could no longer feel the contractions at all so I stopped. I had several BM's back to back within an hour or so & I'm almost certain that is what picked up the progress. While I was in the restroom they would come every 2-3 minutes lasting a minute, but once I was done they would range every 5-7 minutes.

We did our normal nightly routine with Logan & got him in bed. At this point I thought that things might actually be rolling so I started packing bags & getting everything together. We called my mom & FIL to let them in on what was going on (mom was going to be in the room & FIL was staying at our house with Logan). All of a sudden at 2am, after several more BM's, I told DH that we needed to start getting things together.

FIL got to our house around 3am & we left. We got to the hospital around 3:30am & checked in. I got into triage & was 4.5cm. We sat there for roughly 2 hours while waiting for them to get a room together (SO annoying, totally planning my next birth at home or at a birth center!) While in triage they gave me an IV to keep my fluids up since I was #2ing like a mad woman all night We got to our room at 5:30am & I was 7.5cm. I labored facing the back of the bed in a squat, rocking back & forth while DH dug in my back.

Around 6:30am I felt like I needed to push, they checked me & I was an 8. MISERABLE I tell you, I thought I was going to die having to get to a 10 without pushing at this point because the urge was so strong. Continued to labor & felt a strong urge to push again around 7:15-7:20am. They checked & I was a 9 with a bulging bag. I asked them to break it, in hopes things would go quicker. 5 minutes later I was screaming "I'M PUSHING!!!" (with or without their approval, haha) They checked & thankfully I was complete.

They broke the bed down & 5 minutes (& 4-5 pushes later) our beautiful baby girl arrived. I'm not going to lie, I sounded like the lady off of knocked up screaming my baby out, haha.

They put her on my stomach so I could see her while we waited for the cord to stop pulsating so DH could cut it. She was perfect, rolly & had the sweetest chubby cheeks ever! I expected her to look like Logan, but to my surprise she didn't much.

After I rubbed all over her & snuggled her in amazement they took her to be weighed. She had 8 of 9 & 9 of 9 apgars. When they weighed her I heard my mom & DH crack up. DH goes, "babe, Eden was huge!" haha.

& he was right! 9lbs 1.5oz of perfect chunky baby no wonder she looked so rolly I couldn't believe that I was able to push out such a large baby med free!!

She is perfect as can be & we all are smitten with her, especially the big brother.

Here are all of her stats together:
Eden Anne Winters
born on Tuesday, October 25th
9lbs. 1.5oz
21" long

thanks for reading!
Candace mommy to Logan, Eden & sweet Arden Jane

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