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October 28th, 2011, 09:46 PM
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Those are some cute ideas! I'd love some great themes and ideas too - probably lots of us are considering photos for holiday gifts this year.

The cowboy idea is cute! I think we are going to dress Caleb and Lynndi as cowboy and cowgirl also!

What about something based on the old tv show "My 3 Sons"? I don't remember seeing the show ever or what your generation is, but that might be cute. I'll google. Any pic you can probably add that tag too and make it cuter. (Before my twins were born we had 3 boys and I did a scrapbook page that said that. That's why me to even think of it. LOL)

I want to do some red-white-and-blue pictures with a Raggedy Ann and Andy theme. I'd hoped to do their first birthday in that theme but we didn't get to do much, so it's on the table until next year. We'll probably do their birthday in that (September) and then do their fall/October costumes with it too. Double the use! HA!

Googled for images of My 3 Sons and it looks like there is a theme of seeing the boys just from the thighs/knees down, with shoes. Two back to back and then the third in the front. That's cute!

I think part of the reason I thought of that show is your idea about fishing poles and black and white photos made me think of The Andy Griffith Show. In my mind anyway, My 3 Sons was about the same era? Maybe just before.

And I just thought of another - speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil. You can do monkeys with it or not. Sunglasses, ear muffs, and maybe a scarf that covers a mouth? or a bandana or something... or maybe you can even convince them to cover their ears, eyes, mouth! That would be so cute!

I'll keep thinking!

Much thanks to Alethia for my beautiful siggie and tags!!
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